Spyglass Printing


A commitment to client satisfaction

Scott Chalmers, President

With more than 25 years’ experience in print management, We understand client needs…and how to make certain those needs are met, on-time and on-budget.

Spyglass has extensive practical printing experience and know-how on costing and managing even the most complex jobs, with particular expertise in envelope production and mailing. We know whether a job should be run digitally, offset, web—or a combination of these options. This expertise, together with our extensive network of industry contacts, enables Spyglass to deliver tailored printing solutions that can save clients time and money while ensuring consistent high quality.

Here’s what Scott says about his commitment to Spyglass clients:

“No matter how simple or complex the project, I focus on delivering the highest quality and convenience for the client. I have found that successfully delivering on these goals generates satisfied, repeat customers. And that’s our ultimate goal at Spyglass.”

Meet Quattro!

Something many of our clients know about Spyglass is we have a very good-looking partner in the company. His name is Quattro and he is very important part of the Spyglass Family. He loves to meet our clients and once in a while he comes up with a great idea!